A voyage of discovery


Here’s the short story about my recent trip.

Last Sunday, I had an early start, at 6:25 am. Then I headed into the direction of my laptop to check some “heavenly” news, “Due to the volcanic cloud moving through the airspace of northern Europe, American Airlines regrets to inform you that its flights between Europe and United States have been cancelled.”

With Uncle Sam liking our chocolate a lot, I’ve been going to the US every month lately. But not this Sunday: the volcano had made some different decisions. So here I am, stuck to the ground looking at the perfectly blue sky above me. So I decided to enjoy it to the fullest while remembering a phrase by Proust that I’ve always found very valuable: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes .”

Here is the result of a beautiful walk in the woods and across fields, taken by my daughter with my camera! Vive la Nature!

– Benoit

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