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As you already know, for years we’ve been putting our passion for nature into our chocolates blending exceptional ingredients and astonishing flavors with premium chocolate. The result: NEWTREE Chocolates: 100% made in Belgium, 100% Natural.

Nature provides NEWTREE with an inexhaustible resource of creative ideas and has become the platform from which our identities have grown. As such, everyone in our small office environment has donned a wonderful “TREE” nickname, which is representative of our role in the company.

Here are some examples. View them all on Our Family Tree.

Managing Director – THE CANOPY
Like the canopy of the tree, our Managing Director is responsible for taking NEWTREE to increasing heights.

Financial Director – THE NECTAR
Like the nectar, which is the ultimate product of a tree, our Financial Director makes sure that NEWTREE produces plenty of “nectar” every year.

Marketing Manager – THE FLOWER
Like the flower that promotes itself in order to attract insect and birds, our marketing manager is responsible for spreading the message about NEWTREE’s beauty and qualities.

Sales Manager – THE FRUIT
Like the fruit that promises moments of juicy pleasure, the sales manager gives our customers the great promise of NEWTREE.

Export Manager – THE SEED
Like the seed responsible for transporting the genes and qualities of the tree, the export manager is responsible for transporting NEWTREE all over the world.

Office administrator – THE BRANCH
Like the branch of a tree—strong, sturdy, and forever reaching—our Office Administrator reaches out to all those who wish to grow with NEWTREE.

We would love to hear your suggestions for other creative personas and innovative thinking. Please, do not hesitate to share your ideas with us: www.facebook.com/NEWTREE.

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