Tasting NEWTREE chocolate with Port wine


In our two previous posts, we shared our tips on how to taste chocolate, as well as what foods to combine it with in order to reveal its aroma and taste to the fullest. Today, we propose a very interesting combination for you to experience: NEWTREE chocolate and Port wine from Portugal.

Reasons? First, NEWTREE chocolate is now available in Portugal. Second, we simply love Port that comes in so many subtle varieties!

We have discovered several ways for how to combine it with many delicious flavors of NEWTREE chocolate.

Port wine, also known as Vinho do Porto or Porto, originates from the Douro Valley of Portugal. Many sommeliers in Portugal have matched it successfully with several flavors of NEWTREE chocolate that they use in their wine tastings. Here is a list of Port wines that pair well with NEWTREE, and our Portuguese team is happy to share it with you today.

Class Product Description NEWTREE Flavor
Red Kopke Tawny 10 years Orange
Red Kopke Tawny 10 years Cinnamon
Red Ferreira Tawny 20 years Orange
Red Ferreira Tawny 20 years Dark
Red Graham LBV 2001 Cherry
Red Ferreira vintage 2000 Blackcurrant
Red Ramos Pinto Vintage 1995 Blackcurrant
White Branco Reserva Cinnamon
Red Vintage Ginger

– NEWTREE Portugal team

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