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Coffee Discover Box

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17.50 €

Treat yourself to an exotic journey with our Coffee Discovery Box!

3 types of coffees (beans) :

  • Manakin Expresso for the intrepid in search of inspiration
  • Admirable Roast for enthusiasts in search of wonder
  • Tangara Blend for life lovers looking for softness


The Principles of Fairtrade

We, at Newtree, uphold the ideology that every life matters. That’s why we engage in Fairtrade commerce with small farming communities intending to support and protect them. NewTree products are therefore entirely Fairtrade and certified by the company Fairtrade International (FLO, ID – 23792) The meaning of Fairtrade The word “Fairtrade” is unmistakably composed of […]

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Nature, the inexhaustible source of innovation, is at the core of Newtree’s philosophy. We are inspired by it while committing to respect its natural beauty and preserve it.

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