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My Newtree

My Newtree

Offsetting carbon emissions

We cherish our environment. And as a carbon neutral certified company, we are committed to positively impacting our operations upstream and downstream to continually reduce our carbon footprint.

Our vision is responsible business, backed by good green credentials. But our strong vision can only make a difference when we implement real-world practices that preserve our precious planet.

Since 2007 all NEWTREE offices have been carbon neutral – we’ve chosen to offset the carbon we use. We consume electricity only from renewable sources. And in 2006 we replaced regular company cars with hybrid cars. These are just a few examples of our commitment as a company and an illustration of why it’s so important to ensure that every NEWTREE team member shares, understands and works toward our responsibility goals.

All NEWTREE products are carbon neutral too. Explore how we reduce our carbon footprint with the help of CLIMACT.

Preserving the Amazon

NEWTREE constantly seeks out truly innovative and flavorful ways to share the nutrition in nature’s gifts while also protecting the world around us. We’re passionately committed to supporting global reforestation in the Amazon and preserving a way of life for the Kichwa people from Sarayuku. As a company, it is our mission to protect and support all of our precious resources around the globe, and especially in the Amazon region, the lungs of our world.

In an effort to protect the region, we are helping to construct a 200-km long ‘wall’ of flower trees that will encircle the whole Sarayuku territory. This ‘Frontier of Life’ will represent determination and provide protection for the Kichwa. With every NEWTREE purchase, we donate 1 euro cent per product to support this critical effort to help preserve and sustain our precious earth and its inhabitants. Find out more and join our Amazon preservation project.

Caring for our community

Savoring Life means supporting our community. As part of our commitment to our local community and to responsible business practices, we subcontract all our product packaging operations to Travail & Vie.

This forward-looking Belgian social enterprise employs around 20 physically and/or mentally disabled people on our behalf, offering regular work that is well adapted to their abilities.



We believe corporate responsibility should extend into every aspect of our products as well, including the communities our sustainable ingredients come from and the well-being of those who savor NEWTREE.

Discover our commitment to health-promoting ingredients and the sustainability philosophy behind our products.