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Our Canopy

Our Canopy

At NEWTREE, we believe in savoring life’s pleasures and nature’s treasures without compromise. Join us under our canopy—and delight in a wide, diverse world of delectable, responsible and sustainable experiences.


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How will you Savor Life today?

Each day is a gift. It's a chance to be inspired. An invitation to connect with nature. And an opportunity to celebrate life. At NEWTREE, we're awed and humbled by the gifts we receive from the earth every day-and it's our mission to engage you in exploring these wonders with us, so you can discover new ways to Savor Life.

From the beginning, we've always drawn our inspiration from nature. Our founder, Benoit de Bruyn, combines his lifelong appreciation for the natural world with his strong background in bioengineering to create pure, delectable magic. By carefully selecting exquisite all-natural flavors and beneficial ingredients, NEWTREE creates unique sensory experiences that are delicious, responsible, and sustainable. So you can engage all of your senses in moments of true pleasure-and reconnect with the harmony of nature. Because when you discover harmony and Savor Life, you can enjoy indulgence with no compromise.

ManifesTree NEWTREE Team

Our Family Tree

The Gardener - Field Marketer

Like the gardener who lovingly tends to a tree to ensure both its health and vibrancy, our Field Marketer makes sure that the NEWTREE message is healthy and alive in the field.

The Root - Research & Development Manager

Like the root that takes hold beneath the soil to keep a tree firmly planted, our Research & Development Manager provides the foundation for all of our new offerings and innovative ideas.

The Leaf - Production & Logistics Manager

Like the leaf that is responsible for storing food and water to achieve photosynthesis, our Production & Logistics Manager is the technical and logistics brain behind NEWTREE.

The Branch - Office Administrator

Like the branch of a tree-strong, sturdy, and forever reaching-our Office Administrator reaches out to all those who wish to grow with NEWTREE.

The Blossom - Sales Reps

Like the blossom that brings pure, perfect beauty to the world, our Sales Reps share the beauty of NEWTREE with people everywhere.

The Seed - Export Manager

Like the seed responsible for transporting the genes and qualities of the tree, the export manager is responsible for transporting NEWTREE all over the world.

The Fruit - Sales Manager

Like the fruit that promises moments of juicy pleasure, the sales manager gives our customers the great promise of NEWTREE.

The Water - Online Marketing Manager

Like the water that quenches the tree, seeping into the ground to nourish its network of roots, branches and leaves, our Online Marketing Manager brings NEWTREE to life everywhere.

The Flower - Marketing Manager

Like the flower that promotes itself in order to attract insect and birds, our marketing manager is responsible for spreading the message about NEWTREE's beauty and qualities.

The Trunk - General Manager

Like the trunk of a tree, our General Manager provides a sturdy foundation from which all the many branches of NEWTREE can stretch and grow.

The Nectar - Financial Director

Like the nectar, which is the ultimate product of a tree, our Financial Director makes sure that NEWTREE produces plenty of "nectar" every year.

The Canopy - Managing Director

Like the canopy of the tree, our Managing Director is responsible for taking NEWTREE to increasing heights.

Meet our Team

Find us in our tree-and join us under the canopy.

Nature is our inspiration and passion. When we think about the type of company that we're building, we often think of a strong, thriving tree-with branches reaching skyward, leaves glimmering in the sun, and roots planted firmly in the soil.

Everyone in our small global company is a life-sustaining element of our venerable, ever-growing tree. That's why we've chosen tree-inspired nicknames for our positions here at NEWTREE. These playful monikers don't just describe what we do, but also remind us of what we're striving to become.

Take a moment to explore our tree-and discover our passion for growing a different type of company; one that allows people to connect with nature, experience moments of harmony, and make time to Savor Life.