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Savor Flavor

Savor Flavor

Invite a moment of pure harmony. With our mélange of truly distinctive, nature-infused flavors, each taste will surprise and delight you. From the intense aromas to the satisfying finish, our unique flavors are yours to savor.

Vibrant natural ingredients

At NEWTREE, we work with Mother Nature’s inherent force, rather than attempting to master her by force—and we’re constantly discovering new ways to incorporate her precious gifts into our delectable products. Each ingredient we use is carefully chosen for its robust flavor profile, and is expertly balanced in our recipes to work in harmony with the supporting ingredients. The result? Truly unique, 100% natural flavors and nutritive properties that connect us to nature. Explore some of these special natural ingredients below.












Intense cacao flavor

Our gourmet chocolate boasts high-intensity cacao flavor with a pleasingly long finish. This distinctive taste profile starts with our meticulous selection of the highest quality organic and fair trade cacao from Latin America. By responsibly sourcing exquisite Hispaniola, Trinitario and Criollo beans from small co-ops in Peru and the Dominican Republic, we create the perfect flavor foundation for our unique chocolate. And because our chocolate is reduced in sugar, high in fiber, organic and fair trade certified, you can enjoy luxurious indulgence without ever having to compromise.


Exquisite Belgian quality

Belgian chocolate is celebrated around the world for its exceptional purity and taste. And at NEWTREE, we craft all of our sumptuous gourmet products in the Belgian tradition, while also adding our own unique standards. What sets us apart is our commitment to organic, fair trade and all-natural recipes—all developed with enhanced nutritional value. So you can savor responsible indulgences and exquisite flavors with added fiber and reduced sugar, fat and calories. With our passion for modern innovation and European tradition, we take great pride in developing, producing and packaging all our products in Brussels, Belgium, the birthplace of Europe and NEWTREE, and the home of our global office. We invite you to visit us here anytime—and experience the NEWTREE difference for yourself.


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