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Two beautiful locations in San Francisco. Enter our café retreat and delight in the experience as you enjoy NEWTREE chocolate, a unique menu of tasty delights and our favorite harmonious living products. At the NEWTREE cafés, there’s always time to Savor Life.

Engaging your senses.

Our café oasis captivates the senses for a completely original experience. Flavorful tastes and sensuous aromas delight alongside alluring sights and sounds inspired by nature.

Feeling alive.

Live in the moment and embrace the beauty of feeling alive. The NEWTREE café experience brings you innovative and exciting new opportunities to relax and Savor Life.

Serving vibrant flavors.

Take pleasure in NEWTREE café's sweet and savory menu of organic and fair trade delights. Enjoy a new experience that is good for you and better for the planet.

Embracing sustainability.

Being in harmony with nature is at the heart of our sustainable products. Savor sensory innovation as you explore our unique menu, chocolate, and lifestyle items.

Experience Our Café Blossoming

Watch as our dream becomes a reality

Get a glimpse into San Francisco’s NEWTREE café. From its inception to the harmonious end result, explore our vision for a retreat where delectable, good for you and better for the planet experiences come together.