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Our name reflects our “NEW” and innovative approach to crafting responsible, indulgent chocolate and other delectable products. The word “TREE” symbolizes our use of all-natural ingredients, our belief in the power of nature to create harmony in our lives, and our commitment to preserve the planet.
Newtree products are developed, made and packaged in Belgium, the home of our global headquarters.
Our products are created as an invitation to savor life with no compromise. We combine exceptional flavor with ingredients that are good for you and help preserve the planet. The innovative foundational elements of NEWTREE include:

Flavor – We conduct a lengthy evaluation process to carefully select ingredients with delectable taste. Emphasis is placed on the balance between each flavor in a recipe, so that they enhance one another and do not compete or fade.

Health – Our recipe innovations focus on enhancing nutritional value through added fiber and beneficial ingredients, alongside reduced fat, sugar and calories – all without compromising on taste.

Sustainable ingredients – NEWTREE products are 100% natural, organic and fair trade. Our goal is to preserve, as closely as possible, the genuine tastes found in nature. Our products are GMO-free and have no additives or artificial ingredients.

Quality – The ingredients that we use, as well as the process in which our products are made is scrutinized for quality. We employ certified quality systems that are monitored regularly and engage in the best practices with the highest quality ingredients to consistently deliver exceptional products.

Responsibility – Beyond the sustainable nature of our ingredients, both our products and company are carbon neutral certified, meaning we offset our carbon use throughout our entire supply chain. And our passion for preserving the planet extends to every purchase. We donate 1 euro cent per product to support efforts in the Amazon, the lungs of our world.
Newtree is a carbon neutral certified company committed to positively impacting our operations upstream and downstream. We involve suppliers and retail partners over the entire lifecycle of our products to ensure best practices. With the help of CLIMACT, the complete supply chain of all Newtree products has been offset—from raw materials production and manufacturing to transport, distribution and disposal. Each of these steps has been analyzed in terms of greenhouse gas emissions to bring Newtree in full compliance with the PAS2050 international standard for product carbon footprinting.


Gourmet, high quality chocolate is a Belgian tradition. Chocolate makers have inherited centuries-old traditional processes of transforming cacao beans and couverture into delicious chocolate. Belgium also has very strict parameters for the process to make chocolate that prohibits adding additional oils or artificial ingredients. At NEWTREE, we proudly utilize this process when crafting our flavorful chocolate innovations.
Our organic and fair trade cacao beans come from small co-ops in Latin America. We use a proprietary blend of Peruvian Trinitario and Criollo cacao beans, along with Dominican Republic Hispaniola beans for a robust flavor foundation to craft our chocolate.
Newtree chocolate is great for baking. Our flavored chocolates add a special touch to your desserts. The flavor will soften slightly during baking but will remain deliciously detectable.

Yes, depending on the flavor, our chocolate is either USDA organic certified (contains at least 95% organic ingredients), or made with USDA organic chocolate (contains at least 70% organic ingredients). In addition, all our chocolate is organic certified by European Union standards.
Yes, our chocolate is fair trade certified by Fair Trade International (FLO).


GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Genetic modification involves a set of technologies that alter the genetic makeup of living organisms such as animals, plants or bacteria. Combining genes from different organisms is known as recombinant DNA technology and the resulting organism is said to be "genetically modified", "genetically engineered" or "transgenic."

All NEWTREE products are non-GMO, meaning they do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. Soy is a plant that is widely genetically modified. The soy lecithin we use as an emulsifier in our chocolate is certified 100% non-GMO and makes up less than 1% of our recipe.
Our Newtree dark chocolate bars are vegan, however they are manufactured on equipment that also processes milk-containing products and therefore may contain traces of milk.
All our Newtree dark chocolate spreads are free of gluten. Many of our chocolate bars are made with gluten-free ingredients; however all of our chocolate bars are made in the same facility and therefore may contain trace amounts of gluten.
Newtree waffle cookies and dark chocolate spreads do not contain nuts. We have two chocolate bars made with nuts: Almonds and Lime Granola, however all our chocolate bars are made in a facility that produces other products that do contain nuts. Despite a thorough cleaning between each individual production run, trace amounts of nuts may be present in the chocolate.
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We ship exclusively with UPS and currently UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes or Military APO/FPO addresses.
All orders over $70 ship free in the continental US and to Canada. Flat shipping rates within the continental US and to Canada are: Standard $9.95(warm months May-October standard is $12.95), 3-day $19.95 and Overnight $39.95. Canadian residents are responsible for any required customs fees on their order. Orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska are based on UPS delivery coverage: Standard $29.95 and Overnight (where available) $74.95. If you have special shipping needs, we will do our very best to accommodate you, though we may not be able to meet your request and higher shipping rates may apply.
All orders placed will ship on the next available NEWTREE shipping day. You will receive a UPS tracking number along with a shipping confirmation email from NEWTREE once your order ships. In order to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition, we take great care to keep transit times to a minimum for temperature sensitive chocolate. We send standard shipments Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (holidays excluded) and expedited shipments Monday through Thursday. During the summer months, we do not ship orders over the weekend to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. If you have special shipping needs, please contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate them.
Please see the map below for regional transit assumptions. We ship exclusively via UPS. All orders are subject to UPS shipping policies and transit times. We highly recommend shipping to an address where someone will be available to receive the package when delivered. Chocolate left outside of a home for a period of time may be damaged by weather or other factors.
It is our hope that you savor life and are completely satisfied with each purchase from If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible and we will work together to find a solution.

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