There is a legend of a lost bridge between earth and heaven. This bridge was discovered by the Aztecs and we needed to find it again. And we needed to do this using unique flavors, with subtlety and wonderful aromas inspired by nature.

Ingredients Hidden

in the Heart

of Nature

From the forests of Belgium to the jungle of Madagascar, from the fertile lands of California to the acerola fields of Brazil, we have searched and found ingredients that will take you, too, on an unforgettable voyage of flavour. We needed to listen to nature and study it, to find and carefully select every ingredient for the powers of its flavour and aroma.

The Quest for the best cocoa

We meticulously sought out the best organic fair trade cocoas to obtain these miraculous beans – Hispaniola, Trinitario, and Criollo beans from small cooperatives in Peru and the Dominican Republic.

This quest took us back to the origins of food, led us to rediscover the all-too-often forgotten purity of all these culinary treasures hidden in the vast reaches of the planet. It took us to rediscover all the best in fruits, vegetables, and chocolate, and to find once again ingredients that are grown and harvested in harmony with the land, far from the pesticides and GMOs that pollute our foodstuffs. The end result of our commitment is certified organic products which retain maximum flavour and nutritional substance.

Rediscovering Belgian Traditions

When we returned with our bags full of treasures, it was time to work the magic of Belgian chocolate. We had to respect the tradition of Belgian chocolate, which is known worldwide for its flavour and its outstanding purity.

We take great pride in developing, producing and packaging all our products in Brussels, Belgium, the birthplace of Europe and NEWTREE, and the home of our global office.