Newtree, a company open to everyone

We are here to create change, to disseminate our values and our love for nature. We would like to share this adventure with you and include you in our project. We would like to share the entire process with you, from start to finish, down to the smallest details, explaining our choices, our strategies and our impact on the planet and health. And, as well as all this, we would also like to share our profits with you. From a consumer in Belgium, America or France to a producer in Peru, we would like each of you to have a stake in our company. A real stake; not some symbolic participation bringing neither rights nor benefits. This is why we have chosen to be a publicly traded company.


An open company is the greatest of all collective adventures. It gives anyone who wishes to do so – including you – the opportunity to become part of the company by purchasing our shares. You can support us, support our developments and environmental projects, have your say at our Annual General Meeting and benefit from our profits. Newtree is listed on Euronext Access Brussels, a dedicated market for small companies.


The fact that we are listed on the public market gives us an obligation of transparency that does not apply to private companies. We need to answer your questions at an Annual General Meeting and respond to emails from our many shareholders. Do you know the names of the shareholders of your private companies? We place this information in the public domain.


Our success is based on the trust you place in us, on our desire to enjoy life while respecting the planet. Your trust and our public image are our most precious assets. Any adverse decisions would have negative economic consequences that would affect both the company and its share price. So there is no cause for concern. No investor will ever divert us from this path. Our commitment means a harmonious balance at all times between Newtree’s economic and environmental interests.

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