The organic way

Enjoying the gifts of nature means composing in harmony with it, which in our opinion means using natural ingredients and avoiding any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs. We carefully choose organic ingredients grown in soil that has been treated in a sustainably durable manner. We want to offer you the best products that value the land and your health highly. It is essential for Newtree to be a key player in healthy and guilt-free consumption.

Why go Organic?


  • Significantly less pesticide residue susceptible to remain in your body
  • Organic products contain more essential vitamins and minerals than products grown under conventional agriculture
  • Higher quality products coming from fields that are regularly controlled by certified organizations



  • It preserves agricultural land for later use by avoiding acidic saturation caused by the pesticides
  • It preserves oceans and rivers from toxic waste
  • It protects biodiversity notably wildlife and insects living in the cultivation areas

By committing ourselves to meticulously respect the criteria of the certified European label “Organic Agriculture”, we emphasize our passion for this planet and every organism that lives on it. Eating organic means saving the taste, your health, and the environment.

Within our chocolate

At Newtree, we use the power of nature rather than trying to dominate it. We are constantly discovering new ways to integrate these valuable gifts into our products. We carefully chose every ingredient according to its taste and aromatic strength. We then weight them precisely according to our recipes in order to have a perfectly balanced meal. The result? Aromatic flavors that are 100% natural and nutritional virtues that reconnect us with nature.

Did you know that 90% of our products are certified organic? The remaining 10% percent that isn’t yet are almost entirely produced with organic ingredients. Our next goal is to have 100% of our products certified organic.

To go even further, the majority of our products are also issued Fairtrade and entirely neutral in carbon emissions.

In Our cafes

Our Newtree Cafe in Lyon is one of the few restaurants in France which has been certified 100% organic. This signifies that all the ingredients that step into the cafe originate from organic agriculture. Needless to say, we are proud.

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